About Plan Z Publishing

After working in corporate America years, the founders of Plan Z Publishing decided they’d had enough of working for some else.  The founder’s were intent on balancing work and family more equitably and developing a business they would be passionate about.  While still entrenched in their corporate jobs, they started researching numerous business opportunities.  During their due diligence process they discovered subjects they were well versed in and took for granted were areas many people wanted more information about.  The outcome of that insight was the basis for starting Plan Z Publishing with a mission is to provide relevant and timely information and products for issues affecting individual’s everyday lives.  There are a variety of topics that we cover, however our primary focus includes the following areas:

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Natural Health and Beauty
  • Gardening ang Agriculture
  • Home and Real Estate
  • Children and Family

and Many Others

We have several website properties where we promote other products.

Thank you for your interest!